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Christmas Turkeys

Check what size turkey you need before buying.

Check what size turkey you need before buying.

Christmas Hampers

Order your Gourmet Food Hamper from Basil & Tom’s this Christmas.

Please read the product description carefully –  Either order a hamper by choosing below, or pop in the shop if you’d like to build your own, by selecting items from what’s in store.  Hampers will be made up ready for collection in-store, or we can deliver to W3, W4, W5 W12, W13 for a £5 delivery charge.

Allergen information: Please note we handle celery, celeriac and nuts on site. Also we do re-use some boxes there is a risk of cross-contamination from these, and all other allergens.

A turkey crown is the whole bird without legs and wings.
Crowns come boxed and ready for the oven
with giblets, recipe leaflet, cooking guide and pop up timer

Size guide for Turkey Crown:

6-8 people 3.0 kg
10-12 people 4.0 kg
12-14 people 5.0 kg
16-18 people 6.0 kg
18-20 people 7.0 kg

The following is an approximate size guide for a whole turkey:

4 – 6 people 4.0 kg
6– 8 people 5.0 kg
8-10 people 6.0 kg
10-12 people 7.0 kg
12-14 people 8.0 kg
14-16 people 9.0 kg
16-18 people 10.0 kg
18-20 people 11.0 kg
20-22 people 12.0 kg

What’s in the boxes this week?

For the week starting Monday 25th October 2021

Some of the items listed below may change
when we deliver depending on what’s available at the market

Key: C – Combined Medium Fruit and Veg Box
L – Large Fruit or Veg Box

Veg Boxes

Red potatoes – C
Shalotts – C
Carrots – C
Savoy cabbage – C
Bunch beetroot – C
Yellow peppers – C

Fine green beans – L

Rocket – L



Fruit Boxes

Cox apples – C
Navel oranges – C
Bananas – C
Comice pears
President plums
Figs  – L bonus
C = Combined Medium Fruit & Veg Box
L = Large Fruit or Veg Box