Free Range Bronze Turkey Crown


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Don’t delay in ordering your Whole Turkey

Basil & Tom’s offering Turkey this Christmas!

We’re delighted to offer free-range bronze turkeys this Christmas. You can either pick up in-store or order online to have delivered to your door.

Where are our turkeys from?

  • Our turkeys are from John Howe’s free-range turkey farm in Tenterden, Kent.


What turkeys will you stock?

  • We stock bronze whole turkeys and turkey crowns
  • They both come oven-ready, with the giblets vac-packed, wrapped in greaseproof paper in a cardboard carrier, along with cooking instructions, recipe ideas and a pop-up timer.

What is a turkey crown? 

  •  A turkey crown is a popular option if you the whole bird without the legs and wings


How do I order and when will you deliver? 

    • Just choose the right size turkey from the options above and click Add to Cart.
    • We will send you an email confirmation. Or pop into the shop and we’ll process your order in store
    • We will deliver turkeys between Thursday 22nd December and Friday 23rd December, and will send you an email to confirm which day it will be Monday 19th December.  Or you can collect in-store, if you want to pick up in-store, please select ‘Collect in Store’ in the delivery option box.


Will my turkey be delivered along with my weekly fruit & veg or Christmas fruit & veg box?  Christmas veg box order?

  • We will deliver your turkey separately. You will receive an email confirming when you receive your turkey and if you’ve also ordered a fruit & veg box we’ll tell you when that’s coming too.


What are bronze turkeys?
The bronze turkey is the original and traditional turkey. They are distinctive by their black feathers. The bronze turkey being an older breed, is naturally slower growing and many people enjoy their richer, more intense flavour.

See above for our guide to sizes and portion planning.




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A turkey crown is the whole bird without legs and wings. Crowns come boxed and ready for the oven with giblets, recipe leaflet, cooking guide and pop up timer

Size guide for Turkey Crown:

6-8 people                       3.0 kg
10-12 people                   4.0 kg
12-14 people                   5.0 kg
16-18 people                   6.0 kg
18-20 people                   7.0 kg