Grocery Items

  • Deadline for ordering Orders for Grocery items need to be placed by 11 pm Sunday.
  • Minimum order – a £4 delivery charge will apply to Grocery orders under £15. This charge will not apply if you also have a weekly Fruit or Veg box that week.
  • I already have a regular Fruit and/or Veg Box delivery – Grocery items will be delivered on your assigned delivery day. You will receive email confirmation about your delivery day Monday when payment is taken. If you not due to receive a Fruit or Veg box that week, you will receive this same email advising when your Grocery items will be delivered.
  • I am a new customer and don’t have a regular Fruit/and or Veg Box delivery – If you do not already get a Fruit and or Veg Box delivery from us you will receive an email on Monday when payment is taken to confirm your delivery day.

Tins, Jars and Soups

Rice, Pasta, Pulses, Flour

Oils, Spices and Condiments

Crisps, Snacks and Dips

Teas, Savoury Biscuits and Crackers

Milk, Cereals and Spreads

Chocolate and Sweet Biscuits


The following is an approximate size guide for a whole turkey:

4 – 6 people 4.0 kg
6– 8 people 5.0 kg
8-10 people 6.0 kg
10-12 people 7.0 kg
12-14 people 8.0 kg
14-16 people 9.0 kg
16-18 people 10.0 kg
18-20 people 11.0 kg
20-22 people 12.0 kg